Scalar Waves and Rife Frequency For Healing / Scalar Therapy

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy is said to promote healing in our bodies with the help of subtle energy frequencies. This energy is generated naturally but it can also be artificially produced. However, despite many benefits, some people still find the idea of scalar waves for healing hard to grasp. If you are one of those people who want to avail the benefits of scalar therapy this information will give you all the answers.

Scalar energy is also known as “scalar fields” or “Tesla fields” due to Nicola Tesla’s interest in this particular subject and has been around for quite a while now. No matter what one would like to call it, the application of this energy is intertwined into both Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics.
However, due to it being labeled as alternative medicine, it hasn’t received proper public attention. This is unfortunate because people who are aware of the existence of scalar energy and its benefits find it to be one of the best scientific discoveries. But because of its lack of mainstream popularity, quite a lot of people are missing out on benefiting from it.

The History and Discovery of Scalar Energy

The discovery of scalar waves dates back to the 19th century and is attributed to James Clerk Maxwell. Many years later, it was Nikola Tesla who demonstrated the existence of scalar energy. Tesla expounded upon Maxwell’s discovery and referred to this energy as universal waves or standing energy. He demonstrated the existence of scalar energy and harnessed it without using any wires or cables.

Due to his work, Tesla is called the Father of electromagnetics or scalar or radiant energy. He believed that if harnessed correctly, this energy can offer endless possibilities. Later, Einstein also acknowledged the existence of this energy which then led to the discovery and development of quantum physics.

In later years, several researchers including Andrija Puharich conducted experiments to determine the effects of scalar energy on the human body. Puharich concluded that this energy could enhance both endocrine and immune systems. Another researcher, Dr. Glen Rein, observed that scalar energy was also shown to improve the growth of white blood cells. These experiments and studies proved that this energy has the potential to positively improve the immune responses of human bodies.

The Science of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy is formed when two identical frequencies from opposite directions come together and collide. This results in canceling out of any free movements and the creation of a stationary and static energy field. Additionally, it contains circles of energy that radiate outwards in balanced networks, which help in creating a field of live energy systems.

Initially, Tesla had planned to use this energy for telecommunications such as radio as a wave carrier, which would rule out the need for cables or wires. He also successfully powered an automobile with the help of transmitters that received scalar energy and transferred them to the engine of the car.

In the field of medicine, scalar waves for healing are ideal because medically scalar energy can break down any molecular bonds of fungi and bacteria. It also helps in neutralizing harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiations that are associated with the human body. It is due to these radiations and frequencies that imbalances and illnesses are caused in the human body.

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What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves are a phenomenon described in geology, hydrodynamics, and astrophysics. They naturally occur in nature, for example, in food, DNA, etc., and are non-Hertzian and non-linear waves. They are also called longitudinal waves that contain two identical electromagnetic waves, which have the same frequency but are opposite to each other, resulting in the formation of stationary energy. Scalar waves can carry out lossless transmissions of energy without decaying over distance or time, unlike sound or light waves that decay over distance and time.

The scalar energy can carry information that can be used for healing purposes. Moreover, scalar waves are all around us and scalar-wave technology can help us form a transcendental healing experience. In this healing process, individuals bathe in high dense, superconductive coherent energy fields while being infused with restorative information.

Scalar waves are three-dimensional self-contained waves that spin on one fixed axis. These non-linear waves disseminate throughout the bodies through crystalline lattices of elaborate collagen networks. Scalar waves help in increasing every hydrogen atom’s energy covalent level in the body. This is important because hydrogen bonds are crucial to our body’s ecosystem as they hold our DNA together.

What is Scalar Therapy?

Scalar therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses energy waves or scalar waves for healing and to boost an individual’s mood, stamina, and overall health. The materials that are used in this therapy relate to quantum science and quantum energy. In scalar therapy, electromagnetic fields or EMFs are harnessed for healing as well as stress relief.

Scalar therapy utilizes scalar energy frequency that can help you enhance, motivate, protect, and balance your autonomic nervous system or ANS as it reduces stress and anxiety. It is also useful in reducing feelings that are associated with habitual actions, which are negative, and helps in detoxifying cells and promoting relaxation.

How do Scalar Waves Work?

It is easier for our bodies to transfer the benefits of scalar energy to our cells, which means it is also easier for scalar therapy to transfer scalar waves into the cells. Scalar therapy is performed by professional therapists who make sure that the level of electrical charge from the energy-producing device is optimal. They also ensure that the electrical charge that is being produced will reach and go throughout the body’s cell membranes.

Once it is done successfully, your body will then be able to transport nutrients into your cells faster and get rid of the waste as well. As a result, you will feel more energetic and healthier with an improved mood. Typically, after a session, one may feel extra energized as the cells would have received a good supply of energy.

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What is Scalar Energy Healing?

Scalar energy healing makes use of scalar waves to improve the overall wellness and health of individuals. If you undergo this therapy with mindfulness, it can also help you improve other areas of your life and manage stress and anxiety. You can think of it as recharging a lithium battery as you may suddenly feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Moreover, undergoing several sessions of scalar therapy will result in stronger chemical bonds within your DNA, which will help them in resisting damage easily. Scalar energy healing also helps in cleansing your blood cells that helps your cells function better and at full strength.

How do Scalar Waves Promote Healing?

Scalar waves for healing sound like an interesting method of treatment so you may be wondering how exactly scalar waves work within the healing process? Scalar waves promote profound healing because they operate at a frequency range that aligns with the Schumann Resonances (the heartbeat of our planet that we tap into when grounding ourselves). By harnessing these resonances and running them through the Scalar Qi; we can simulate their natural state and utilize them for healing.

This allows you to:

• Boost the energy level of every cell to an ideal level in your body
• Improve your cognitive functions
• Improve your immune function up to 149%
• Regulate the nutrient intake of your body
• Eliminate waste from each cell in your body
• Cleanse your blood from toxins

All these things make significant changes to your health and body whilst helping you ease various health conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and migraines.

Scalar Waves and Grounding

Grounding, also known as earthing – is a therapeutic technique that allows you to practice activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect individuals to the earth. Along with their numerous other benefits, scalar waves can help you ground yourself as the frequency they work at aligns with the Schumann Resonances. These frequencies can span anywhere from 7.38Hz to 33.8Hz. Most importantly, these Schumann Resonances help you balance out your bodies’ electrical potential which keeps your cells functioning. As a result, once your body gets into the grounding phase it becomes capable of repairing and healing itself.

How are Scalar Waves and Electromagnetic Waves Different?

Electromagnetic waves are quite different from scalar waves. Examples include radio waves, x-rays, and light waves whereas, scalar waves include neutrino radiation, sound waves, and plasma waves.

Here are some of the main differences between scalar waves and electromagnetic waves:

• Electromagnetic waves travel like waves and are transverse. Contrastingly, scalar waves encompass a field and are longitudinal waves.
• While electromagnetic waves tend to lose power over distance, scalar waves are instantaneous and do not lose any power over long distances.
• Electromagnetic waves cannot pass through solid metal objects without the loss of power but scalar waves can do that easily.

Scalar Waves and Regenerative Healing

Our bodies tend to gather debris when they are injured or ill. Scalar waves therapy with regenerative healing helps us in eliminating this unwanted and adverse debris from our bodies. Subsequently, It provides us with a fresh canvas for healing purposes.

Regenerative medicine focuses on your body’s ability to heal and assist itself. It brings together various healing concepts from chemistry, genetics, medicine, and biology, to provide innovative solutions for treating severe health conditions. Hence, we recommend using scalar wave therapy with regenerative healing protocols including other elements of nutrition, stress reduction, and quality sleep.

Are Scalar Waves Safe?

The incredible results witnessed by the users and their success stories are sufficient in proving that scalar waves for healing are a safe option. This also proves that scalar waves are here to revolutionize the way severe health conditions are treated.

Moreover, many people tend to believe that there is not much data available that proves the effectiveness or safety of scalar waves. This is mainly because, despite all its benefits, scalar energy still has not been accepted completely within mainstream culture. But this lack of attention or popularity does in no way indicate the inefficacy or harmfulness of scalar waves.

Scalar therapy allows individuals to receive all the benefits of energy that is carried to their bodies and cells using advanced techniques. Lastly, since the treatment is performed by a therapist, you can relax knowing that a trained professional is in control of the energy.

What Are Scalar Waves Used For?

There are many applications of scalar waves that help improve the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of humans. It can help in treating diseases like chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis.

Conditions You Can Treat with Scalar Wave Healing

Scalar waves for healing are an ideal option for treating various severe health conditions. Many advanced techniques and treatments are being introduced in this field that can help you treat other diseases such as:

• Extreme nerve pain
• Hernias
• Gut pain
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Diabetes
• Parkinson’s disease
• Nearsightedness
• Strokes
• Kidney stones

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What Are the Benefits of Scalar Waves?

Scalar wave technology has many benefits and healing properties such as:

• It helps in increasing the energy that holds hydrogen bonds of DNA together and also prevents any damage to them.
• Scalar therapy helps you improve your immune system and its functioning.
• Radiating energy from scalar waves has positive impacts on the brain which affects neurotransmitters and improves mental focus.
• Scalar therapy causes cell membranes to vibrate an electrical charge that allows waste and toxins to move out and nutrients to move in the body.
• Scalar waves also help in energizing your body’s cells and overall functions of your body.
• It helps in reducing inflammation in the body.
• The blood flow is also improved and the optimal amount of oxygen gets circulated in the body.


The waves or scalar therapy has the potential to do wonders for our bodies and mind. With the use of this energy, you can not only treat severe health conditions but can also rejuvenate your overall bodily functions and mental health. Scalar therapy can help you achieve a better sense of physical and mental well-being with improvements including a good mood, reduced stress and anxiety levels, and more energy.

Rife Frequency

Rife Frequency is a discovery from Dr. Royal Rife in 1933 and is technology which bases its principle on the discovery that pathogens can be destroyed by matching their vibrational frequency with unique and specific frequencies. To date there are over 59,000 frequencies that can be used in this therapy. We are able to combine rife frequencies with the scalar waves to customize all treatments. They can be used separate or together.

The Rife Frequency tool has a combination of over 7 different natural modalities from all areas of the world in its programming.
Dr.Rife and his 100 years of research has programs to detect pharmaceutical drug imbalances, heavy metals toxins, vaccine side effects, allergies, supplements deficiencies, and molecules important to health.

Programs also include; Bach Flower remedies for emotional balancing.

Bio Sonic research from Germany, Solfeggio and Ayurveda knowledge, Chakra and Colour Therapy are also included as programs in the Rife technology. Scalar Wave and Rife Frequency Therapy can be combined to give your body a chance to rid itself of unnecessary pathogens, toxins and to heal itself at a cellular level, preventing and combatting the formulation of disease on many levels.