Juvéderm VOLUMA

Juvéderm VOLUMA is a safe injectable gel that is made from a natural complex sugar called Hyaluronic acid (HA). Found within the tissues of living cells including human skin, HA assists in the skin hydration by attracting and holding water. It also combines with collagen and elastin to help provide skin structure and elasticity. Over time, aging faces show changes and shifts that make us look more tired. The cheek area loses volume, causing skin to sag, droop and drag. Juvéderm VOLUMA adds lift and volume to the flattening and descending mid-facial region, reversing the deflated, sunken look and restoring a more youthful appearance.

Treatment for volume restoration with Juvéderm VOLUMA is a non-surgical procedure. It is administered through a number of injections. The procedure usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to perform. The treatment area will be cleaned, and a topical numbing cream will be applied to improve maximal comfort.  Dr. Ray will personally will then inject Voluma into the treatment site as defined by each person’s individual facial contours and needs using a very fine needle or cannula. After the treatment, you will be able to return to your normal activities. Any visible side effects, such as bruising or discoloration, should be minor and can be easily concealed with makeup.

The treatment is very effortless. With a fine needle  VOLUMA is injected under the skin, specifically in areas where volume has been lost. Because VOLUMA contains a small amount of numbing agents premixed into the filler, in addition to a topical numbing cream that is applied to the treatment area. Most patients can easily tolerate the treatment and do not report significant discomfort.

Volume rejuvenation treatment with Juvéderm VOLUMA gives instant results. Most people can resume normal daily activities immediately following the appointment.However, for the first 24 hours following treatment, it is recommended that patients minimize strenuous exercise and exposure to sun and extensive heat. The efficient cross-linking in Juvéderm VOLUMA slow HA metabolism so that you can expect to see natural-looking result for up to TWO YEARS (!), after which VOLUMA is metabolized naturally by the body.

Juvéderm VOLUMA is a safe, FDA-approved non-surgical injectable gel that is made from a natural complex sugar call Hyaluronic acid (HA) found within the tissues of living cells including human skin. HA dermal fillers have been used and clinically studied for many years and is well tolerated and very safe. Because the HA in Juvéderm VOLUMA is naturally present in the skin and not derived from animals, there is no need for allergy testing before treatment.

Allya Injections

Allya is a homeopathic medicine from a German pharmaceutical company, and contains only plant and mineral preparations.  It is injected by a very fine needle into muscles or joints to relieve pain and inflammation.  It was originally made for back pain due to disc degeneration and osteoarthritis.  It will usually produce good relief by the next day.  It can be repeated once or twice a week until there is complete and lasting relief.

This natural medicine is entirely safe.  It is not cortisone or any harmful drug.  I have treated thousands of cases with no harm.  It is important to realize this medicine stimulates the body to heal very gently, but reliably.  The results from a short series of treatments can be very long lasting, even in severe cases.

Allya is excellent for back pain, disc injury, scar therapy, sciatica, sprained muscles, strained ligaments, arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-surgical pain, site of old trauma, and sports injuries.  It can heal torn cartilage as in knee injuries, and will often make surgery unnecessary.

The amazing results I see daily with this medicine is due to the properties of the following ingredients:

  • Arnica Montana – the mountain daisy moves stagnant blood and gets fluid congestion out of tissues, allowing blood flow to improve, removing wastes and bringing oxygen and nutrition in to speed healing.
  • Hypericum Perfoliatum – St. John’s Wort is used for nerve pain, numbness and trauma. Improved nerve tone promotes normal tissue function.
  • Symphytum Officinalis – comfrey leaf contains allantoin which heals fractures, repairs cartilage, and repairs torn connective tissue.
  • Valeriana –a muscle relaxant, sedative and pain reliever.
  • Euphorbium – spurge olive is for rheumatism & arthritic inflammation.
  • Bryonia Alba – wild hops are a muscle relaxant as well as a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Rosa Canina – rosehips for Vitamin C and bioflavonoids to heal connective tissue.
  • Silica – a mineral which can dissolve scars and promote recovery of tissue strength.
  • Calcium, Phosphorus & Potassium – minerals needed for injury repair.