Is Permanent Make-Up Right for You?

Permanent-Make-Up-5Permanent makeup has been around for centuries starting as far back as Cleopatra.

Our technician, Kristie Moore, has been offering this treatment since 1988. She was the first Permanent Make Up Artist in Western Canada. We pride ourselves on involving our clients in the process to customize their creation. Shapes and colors are recommended but not always preferred by the client, so ultimately you would have the final decision.

Permanent Make-Up Frequently Asked Questions

How will I look everyday after my procedure?
You will look like yourself except that you will have a professional makeup application done every single day. Mild and soft, made-up and sophisticated, the choice is yours.

Prior to the procedure, we will assist you on your decision and we will always recommend and show you how you will look once the procedure is done. According to your age, bone structure and style, we design the right look to fit your needs.

How do I know I have chosen the right permanent makeup artist?
“Art is a talent with which one is born, not a craft for which one trains”
The result of a procedure is as good as the artist you choose. Ask as many questions as you can to make sure that the person performing the procedure knows what they are doing. Ask for before and after pictures (done by the artist), references and testimonials from previous clients. Check training, certifications, experience, and liability insurance. The result from a technician who has performed thousands of procedures will be different from the one that just finished a 1-week training last month. This is your face and this will last for many years. Your deserve nothing but the best!

Take time to meet the technician and interview prior to the procedure.

Click an image to see larger. Please note: All colors and shapes in the photos were requested by our clients. All colors are available.

What are the hygiene conditions?
You can be assured that a highest quality of hygiene is strictly adhered to.

Sanitary surroundings, disposable sterile needles and surgical gloves are used for each procedure. The quality products are a must.

Which parts can we apply pigments?
Eyebrows, Eyeliners, Lip liner or Full Lip coloring, Areolas, Birthmark and Scars.

How long does it last?
It could last 1-10 years, however, it varies according to your skin type, the treated area, and the colour chosen. The darker the colour, the longer it lasts.

Immediately after the treatment, the colour appears dark; within 4 to 10 days after the procedure, the colour fades due to rejection and healing 30-40%.

Ultra-violate exposure from sun or tanning booths, various drugs, excessively dry skin, and smoking are all factors that may affect the colour. It is essential that a sun block be applied over the permanent make-up area at any time that you are exposed to the sun or a tanning bed to prolong the effective life of these procedures.

Is there any discomfort?
Topical anesthetics are used to completely numb the area and minimize discomfort. Most people say it is tolerable (tweezing).

Are there risks?
Your greatest risk in cosmetic tattooing is having an untrained individual perform this procedure. If contaminated needles are used, infections and diseases can be transmitted.

As all hygiene conditions are met at Enhance Studio, there is absolutely no risk.

How much does it cost?
Fees vary per procedure, depending on the procedures and the amount of work involved.

Skin camouflage is based on an hourly rate. To be discussed in a consultation.

Keep in Mind: Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better!
If the price is too low, the technician maybe inexperienced or has not had the proper training. Many people have inadequate training or not enough experience to perform these services. How much is your face worth? If the colour were incorrectly applied, it would be hard to remove and would cost even more money to undo the mistakes.

Too Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better Either!
Some technicians charge you more just because they are operating from a Doctor’s Office. Others would just charge you for the so-called “downtown core” locations.

A second floor office building or a downtown storefront, really doesn’t justify a high price for a procedure.

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